Feeders and drinking equipment

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Straw dispensers and straw racks

The Domino Halma line meets any request and requirement that all the pigs of the pen, from piglets to sows, must have a natural grubbing material. Straw in the pens prevents stress and improves the pigs' digestion. Loose straw as well as small bales can be used in the various dispensers of the Halma line.


The Halma line includes for instance a straw rack for areas with solid floors, a straw rack with a floor plate for slatted floor areas and a straw dispenser with a trough. The straw racks are available with adjustable bars.


Good animal welfare provides the basis for efficient pig production.



The Domino Halma line is also noted for the following:

- Strong materials, PE plastics and stainless steel  

- No sharp edges that can harm the animals

- Easy to clean 

- Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation

Product Article-No. Height -  mm Width -mm Depth - mm Trough edge - mm L  
Halma 49080 1000 350 350 110 75
Straw rack 60 cm 49081 590 600 260   80
Straw rack 80 cm 49083 590 800 260   108
Straw rack 60 cm - adjustable 49084 590 600 260   80
Straw rack 80 cm- adjustable 49085 590 800 260   108












Download the Halma brochure here.

Feeder for roughage 

Unique feeder for roughage - possibly mixed with beets, carrots etc.


Adaptable to the actual number of pigs in the group.


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