Feeders and drinking equipment

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OUTDOOR TROUGH SO-5 with cover

Trough with tipping cover for nursing sows in single pens. The sow opens the cover itself. The trough is water-tight and there is no food waste. Because of the cover the trough is protected against birds. When feeding the cover is opened by a foot-operated pedal.
Technical data
Volume 18 liter/ approx. 12 kg
Material Plastic and galvanized feet


Feeding and drinking arrangement for nursing sows, to be placed between the pens. Common drinking trough with float. The trough can be tipped for emptying / cleaning.

The troughs have foot-operated tipping covers which makes filling easier. 
The arrangement consists of 2 troughs of 18 l, 1 drinking trough of 30 l with tipping bow, delivered assembled on a plastic bottom plate. 
Technical data
Feeding troughs 2 pcs. of 18 liter
Drinking trough 1 pcs. of 30 liter


Automatic feeder for outdoor piglets. The feeder has a capacity of approx. 50 piglets and must be placed where it is accessible for piglets from more pens.
The piglets are dispensing the feed in the round stainless trough. They quickly learn to eat from the feeder and are thereby accustomed to dry feed before weaning.
OUTDOOR K-FLEX is watertight and can be placed directly on the ground without fixing.
Technical data
Volume 80 l./ approx. 56 kg
Material Plastic and stainless steel


Unique feeder for roughage - possibly mixed with beets, carrots etc.


Adaptable to the actual number of pigs in the group.


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