Feeders and drinking equipment

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H2O & H2O-L

The H2O drinking bowls from Domino cover any need for drinking bowls, from piglets to sows. 
All drinking bowls are made of strong stainless steel. They represent a hygienic and water-conserving solution. Piglets are easily accustomed to the drinking bowl because the nipple is placed in the middle close to the bottom of the bowl. 
The bowl is supplied complete with nipple and connection pipe featuring a ½" inside thread for further piping. 
The drinking bowl is made in 2 sizes: H2O for pigs from approx. 7 kg to approx. 100 kg and H2O-L for heavy pigs and sows.
For not isolated buildings we can supply H2O and H2O-L with passage, i.e. we deliver drinking bowl, T-piece and valve. This drinking bowl has holes in the sides in order that the water is led as close to the drain as possible to minimize the risk of frost burst.
7 kg - 100 kg
45 kg - >
162 mm
128 mm
116 mm 
195 mm
170 mm
145 mm
H2O Pass
49114 162 mm 128 mm 116 mm x    
H2O L Pass
49112 195 mm 170 mm 145 mm   x x
Download brochure for drinking bowls and drinking towers here.


Drinking tower

It is also possible to have the drinking bowls mounted on a tower. There are 6 drinking bowls on each tower. 
The tower is available in 3 versions - one for piglets, one for porkers and one for sows.

The drinking tower is supplied complete with nipples and connection pipe featuring a ½" inside thread for further piping.

        Article- No. Height  Width  Depth  7 - 45 kg  30 kg > Sows
H2O Unit  49214  700 mm   490 mm  490 mm   x    
H2O Unit 49215 800 mm  490 mm  490 mm    x  
H2O Unit 49216 800 mm 600 mm 600 mm X
Download brochure for drinking tower here.