Feeders and drinking equipment

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New Feeder Domino S-22

The Domino S-22 Feeder is a very good dry feeder with water supply for pigs weighing from 25 kg to slaugher weight. The pendulum solution ensures easy access to the feed. There are 2 feeding places - they are separated by a water pipe with a drinking nipple which provides both feeding places with water. 


The Domino S-22 is available in 2 versions: 1P and 2P with 1 pendulum or 2 pendulums for dosing of feed.



S-22 Version 1P

S-22 Version 2P

















Article -No. Height Width Depth Trough edge L/kg Pigs 25 > kg
S-22 1P 18290 1000 mm 690 mm 345 mm 125 mm 110/75 24
S-22 2P 18295 1000 mm 690 mm 345 mm 125 mm 110/75 24



Made of strong materials, PE plastics and stainless steel

Stainless steel reinforced edges - no sharp edges that can harm the animals

Easy to clean

Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation

Multiple feed amount settings ensuring minimum feed waste