Feeders and drinking equipment

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Our company will be closed from 22nd Dec. until 5th January. It is possible to get in contact with us in case of problems.


We wish all our customers and co-operation partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  



Welcome to Domino A/S

W. Domino A/S was founded in 1961 and much has happeded since then  …


Right from the beginning Domino has influenced on the layouts of the Danish stables – paying attention to the correct equipment and to giving the farmers reliable and thorough advice and support. This is very important for us and we always do our utmost to keep up with the times and the new trends in order to be able to give the farmers the very best advice.


For many years our products have also been in demand in many foreign countries.


We hope you will be inspired by our homepage and we should be very glad to hear from you.

Latest news

New employee

Bent Svit, 54 years, has been employed as Sales Representative at our company. Bent who is educated farmer and has been a farmer producing porkers for 20 years, is also educated agricultural techni... Read more

New Feeder Domino S-22

The Domino S-22 Feeder is a very good dry feeder with water supply for pigs weighing from 25 kg to slaugher weight. The pendulum solution ensures easy access to the feed. There are 2 feeding places - th... Read more

Lifting of slat beams

We have developed a lifting device for lifting up the big and heavy slat beams.   It is made of galvanized steel and has 2 strong rubber wheels.   Is is sold in sets... Read more

Drinking bowls

Our popular drinking bowl H2O has been known on the market for many years.   As the stables become larger and larger more drinking bowls are needed in the pens. Therefore we have develop... Read more