Feeders and drinking equipment

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History of Domino A/S

Domino was founded in 1961 by Vera and Wagner Domino.

The first domicile was in Glostrup. Here the new-established company was operated from a small annex measuring 4 x 8 m situated in the garden.

However, before long this annex became too small and the company moved to larger premises in Greve and in 1966 Domino moved from Sealand to Bredal in Eastern Jutland. The company was steadily growing bigger and in 1971 the premises in Bredal also became too small. At that time the company moved to Ølholm where it is situated today.


Domino produces and supplies feeders, drinking bowls, troughs, sorting scales, cowshed and piggery cleaners and other equipment for pigs and cattle farmers. Right from the start Domino has been in close co-operation with other parties within the agriculture line of business and the aim has always been to deliver products of very high value both with regard to function, quality and design.


To secure future operation of the company the ownership was given to the next generation and in 2001 Vera and Wagner stopped their daily activities in Domino. Allan Trøjborg became the managing director and Judith Domino became the financial director.